Humanless - The Band

"Humanless" is a NYC band formed in 2014 by the two founding members of Unearthly Trance along with drummer Mike Hegarty and newly recruited vocalist Rich Tapper. The sound is a mix of the progressive doom vibe of latter Unearthly Trance and a new path of experimental rock sounds. The major difference between Humanless and Unearthly Trance would be the introduction of vocals that focus on clean singing rather then harsh screaming. This combination has birthed a new sound and a new direction creatively for all members involved.

We have been quietly working on some songs this past year and have recently found a singer. Our first recording is near completion and we hope to have it finalized soon for people to hear. Also, in the near future we will play our first show! Stay tuned...

Humanless is:

Ryan Lipynsky - Guitar
Jay Newman - Bass
Mike Hegarty - Drums
Rich Tapper - Vocals